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Click here to support Help a paralyzed puppy see a specialist by Alex Norman


Hi everyone! So my sister is very active in the animal care center in my community. On May 24th a dog who would be later named Lt. Dan was given to the shelter to be put under euthanasia. The thing about Dan is that he has back leg paralysis. Dan is one of the happiest puppies in the world and honestly he doesn’t mind having to scoot places. Recently my sister has gotten approval to take him to a specialist to get an official diagnosis and get him set for a wheel chair which would allow him to go more places and experience new things a puppy should be able to. My sister is having to pay all of this out of pocket and the MRI alone will probably cost $15,000 alone. Any donations would help, even reblogs and likes, would mean the world to my sister and I, let’s help get Dan his legs back. Thank you everyone!

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